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Sentimeter is a tool to keep track of citizen's sentiments about a given area such as a city or municipality.


Secure data management

The tool and data can be hosted on one of our secure servers or hosted on your own preferred server.


Designed with simplicity in mind, the interface is easy-to-use and efficient.


Increase the quality of your AI by customizing the training data to your specific needs.


The Oncilla annotation tool has a user-friendly interface where your user base can add, tag, and save new data along multiple axes. We can also upload your in-house data into the annotation tool so that your team can tag and save the existing data in a flexible manner. One tab shows entries to annotate provided by other annotators, while the other shows your previous work. The search and batch edits functionalities facilitate maintaining coherence across larger, related groups of terms.


As an admin, you can specify any categories or tags you require and annotate your own in-house data or request a consultation to discuss your data management needs. Annotators can provide further specifications to specific entries, e.g. specifying the context(s) to which a given entry refers. This ensures that the annotations remain time and context-aware, as well as not being polluted by older and irrelevant entries. For better coordination across languages, a translation column is also available.


Improve your inter-annotator agreement by bringing in multiple annotators. This interface is light-weight, easy to manage and customizable: new sets of tags can be specified, users can be added, managed and removed in a couple of clicks, and the software can be deployed on our servers or on the infrastructure of your choice.

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