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Sentimeter is a tool to keep track of citizen's sentiments about a given area such as a city or municipality.


Location-based sentiment

Sentimeter isolates social media data for this area based on geolocation, trigger words and local public accounts. Various NLP strategies are applied on the collected data to perform sentiment analysis and detect trends and shifts on social media.

Fully customizable dashboard

Sentimeter provides you with a customizable dashboard that holds tools and visualisations to give a user-friendly overview of incoming data. The dashboard adapts itself to data collected and processed, and becomes smarter along the way. This ensures a stream of increasingly relevant information and a focus on user needs.

Increased accessibility

Sentimeter wants to make social media data for a distinct area accessible and comprehensible and can help you find out how citizens feel towards city-management issues, like waste on the street, green energy, housing, traffic or unsafe neighbourhoods.

We built the first Sentimeter for the municipality of The Hague (Netherlands) in association with Centric.

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